I grew up in Soviet occupied Lithuania. After graduating from Siauliu Universitetas in Lithuania, where I was classically trained in painting and design, I came to the United States in 1997. 22 years ago I left behind my family, friends in Lithuania to create my new life in America. I had nothing but two suitcases and a new husband. My entire life fit in those two suitcases. I can still feel the emotions, anxiety and overwhelming fear of the unknown. I did not know where to start my new journey and unexpectedly I got an opportunity to go back to school where I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, majoring in Interior Design, in 2002.  My professional career path has certainly been surprising, I have been an Art Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Graphic Designer and Interior Designer. 

In 2007, after returning from maternity leave, I was laid off from my “traditional” job as an Interior Designer. As the economy had turned down, I found that I could not find a job, as a result I spent a lot of time with my infant daughter and I painted. I painted a lot. My husband suggested that we try to sell some of the expanding inventory that was filling our dining room and spare bedroom.  So one Gallery Hop Saturday I hung my paintings on a construction fence and sold almost all of them. It was then that I began to believe that it was possible to support yourself as an Artist. 12 years have past now and I still reside in Columbus with my wonderful husband and beautiful 11 year old daughter Isabella. I am painting every day in my backyard studio and living my life in what was once only a dream.