My name is Jurate, but I go by Yura.  Mostly because people cannot pronounce my name correctly. I am a full time artist, designer, wife and mother. My life is chaotic at best, even on calm days. I wish that I had more time in a day. Even so I must create. Abraham Maslow described it best " A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to ultimately at peace with himself".   

 So, like the poet and musician I must create. I find my peace when the brush is in my hand and color is on the canvas. I'm constantly inspired by patterns, colors, and textures that I find in everyday life; even the most random and unlikely things can become inspirations for a painting. My emotions dictate what I will paint. One day I will do a vista inspired by the previous evening’s sunset. On another an abstract inspired by the rust patterns on a dumpster or I might be inspired by a simple flowers bloom. There are many influences contributing to my art but what inspires me the most is the way my daughter paints freely and without fear. While I spend most of my time with acrylics on canvas, other mediums are called upon to satisfy my vision. I believe that I am translator. I translate the fleetingly intangible beauty I see all around me on a daily basis into a tangible piece that can be hung and enjoyed in perpetude. I have created these works that you see, to satisfy my own compulsion, I hope that you enjoy them.